Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Sun, 21-Jan-2018 1:58pm PST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
9 mi ESE of Pinnacles, CA 2.2 000305190 mi 1516564656Sun, 21-Jan-2018 11:57am PST map
17 mi ENE of Coso Junction, CA 2.1 000243151 mi 1516528532Sun, 21-Jan-2018 1:55am PST map
10 mi SW of Mendota, CA 2.6 000300187 mi 1516520680Sat, 20-Jan-2018 11:44pm PST map
1 mi N of Santa Paula, CA 2.2 00001610 mi 1516501249Sat, 20-Jan-2018 6:20pm PST map
9 mi ESE of Anza, CA 2.1 000244152 mi 1516499574Sat, 20-Jan-2018 5:52pm PST map
11 mi SE of Pinnacles, CA 2.1 000303188 mi 1516476634Sat, 20-Jan-2018 11:30am PST map
7 mi N of Big Bear Lake, CA 2.1 000193120 mi 1516207636Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:47am PST map
4 mi NNW of Avenal, CA 2.6 000228141 mi 1516085034Mon, 15-Jan-2018 10:43pm PST map
6 mi WSW of Lytle Creek, CA 2.3 00013383 mi 1516068750Mon, 15-Jan-2018 6:12pm PST map
3 mi NE of Coso Junction, CA 2.1 000229142 mi 1516067488Mon, 15-Jan-2018 5:51pm PST map
14 mi NW of Parkfield, CA 2.3 000247154 mi 1516055448Mon, 15-Jan-2018 2:30pm PST map
4 mi NNE of Avenal, CA 2.9 000226140 mi 1516033040Mon, 15-Jan-2018 8:17am PST map
7 mi E of Coso Junction, CA 2.5 000228142 mi 1515994157Sun, 14-Jan-2018 9:29pm PST map
2 mi WNW of San Jacinto, CA 2.0 000195121 mi 1515991159Sun, 14-Jan-2018 8:39pm PST map
4 mi NNW of Avenal, CA 2.8 000228141 mi 1515982964Sun, 14-Jan-2018 6:22pm PST map
9 mi NE of Ludlow, CA 2.0 000279173 mi 1515970625Sun, 14-Jan-2018 2:57pm PST map

16 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.