Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Sun, 19-Nov-2017 8:00pm PST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
8 mi N of Piru, CA 2.5 00003924 mi 1511110502Sun, 19-Nov-2017 8:55am PST map
3 mi WSW of Mead Valley, CA 2.1 000161100 mi 1511030364Sat, 18-Nov-2017 10:39am PST map
7 mi E of Coto De Caza, CA 2.0 000160100 mi 1511020619Sat, 18-Nov-2017 7:56am PST map
10 mi NNW of San Simeon, California 2.9 000267166 mi 1510926786Fri, 17-Nov-2017 5:53am PST map
4 mi E of Wofford Heights, CA 2.9 000173108 mi 1510915256Fri, 17-Nov-2017 2:40am PST map
5 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.1 000222138 mi 1510911619Fri, 17-Nov-2017 1:40am PST map
5 mi ENE of Aguanga, CA 2.2 000223138 mi 1510907906Fri, 17-Nov-2017 12:38am PST map
11 mi S of Maricopa, CA 2.5 00008452 mi 1510881338Thu, 16-Nov-2017 5:15pm PST map
16 mi S of Kettleman City, California 2.5 000192120 mi 1510858216Thu, 16-Nov-2017 10:50am PST map
2 mi SE of Malibu, CA 2.5 00003622 mi 1510853662Thu, 16-Nov-2017 9:34am PST map
4 mi SSE of Malibu, CA 2.5 00003824 mi 1510853642Thu, 16-Nov-2017 9:34am PST map
16 mi NW of Lost Hills, California 2.2 000187116 mi 1510803843Wed, 15-Nov-2017 7:44pm PST map
17 mi ENE of Pine Valley, CA 2.0 000296184 mi 1510797962Wed, 15-Nov-2017 6:06pm PST map
2 mi SE of Loma Linda, CA 2.6 000167104 mi 1510779505Wed, 15-Nov-2017 12:58pm PST map
5 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.1 000222138 mi 1510774638Wed, 15-Nov-2017 11:37am PST map
15 mi NE of Greenfield, California 2.5 000305190 mi 1510761173Wed, 15-Nov-2017 7:52am PST map
3 mi E of Calimesa, CA 2.7 000189117 mi 1510741024Wed, 15-Nov-2017 2:17am PST map
1 mi ESE of Loma Linda, CA 2.7 000166103 mi 1510714223Tue, 14-Nov-2017 6:50pm PST map
5 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.1 000222138 mi 1510689379Tue, 14-Nov-2017 11:56am PST map
5 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.4 000222138 mi 1510618813Mon, 13-Nov-2017 4:20pm PST map
5 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.0 000222138 mi 1510609854Mon, 13-Nov-2017 1:50pm PST map
1 mi SSE of Julian, CA 2.0 000261162 mi 1510587806Mon, 13-Nov-2017 7:43am PST map
9 mi ENE of San Simeon, California 2.5 000247153 mi 1510563878Mon, 13-Nov-2017 1:04am PST map

23 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.